Wouldn’t it be great to hit consistently solid shots, lower your scores and have more fun?
Coach Todd is regarded as one of the top PGA golf instructors/coaches in the metropolitan area. His relaxed and uncomplicated method of teaching will have you playing your best golf in no time! Todd’s students have won multiple tournaments over the past 20 years and play at High School, College and Professional Levels.



Peter M.

As a senior who re-engaged with golf after a layoff of many years, Todd worked patiently with me to ensure that I worked within my physical capabilities to develop a consistent swing. I improved rapidly under his expert tuition, and now I am beginning to see more consistent ball-striking on the course and the resultant lower scoring.
Most importantly I am enjoying the game of golf immensely, and I credit Todd with my renewed enthusiasm for the game.

Zach S.

Coach Todd is awesome!He’s really helping me learn the game of golf.He has amazing ways of teaching that I really understand.In fact, my dad is going to take lessons from him now.

Chris C.

Awesome teacher, awesome guy. Not just an awesome golfer, but a great cook as well. Very professional.

Carmel O.

Todd is a true coach in every sense of the word.I connected with him right away.His patience and enthusiasm during our lessons gave me a great learning experience.I highly recommend him.

Matt R.

Excellent coach, very patient and knowledgeable.

Michael M.

I appreciated your kind attention to helping improve my game without feeling the need to have to change my wardrobe, grip, swing plane, shoelaces and brand of golf ball.

It was a fun afternoon and as a 13 handicap today, when I shoot 80 you’ll be the first person I call.