Your Next Meal is this Delicious Mushroom Risotto

How to Make Risotto Italian Style

Whoever believes that nutritious food can’t be delicious surely hasn’t tried any of my Italian recipes. With plenty of pasta dishes already on the FGSL blog, I’d like to share something slightly different with a history just as rich as Italian pasta: risotto. Risotto is a short-grained rice that entered the Italian peninsula during the Middle Ages– circa fourteenth century– when the Arabs first introduced the grain to Italy and Spain. The warm and humid climate of the Mediterranean made Italy an ideal place for risotto to grow and thrive, and soon the grain became a huge commodity in merchant port cities like Venice.

In Milan, however, rice was already a primary food source after two centuries of Spanish occupation. As a result, the region had mastered many of the slow-cooking methods required for preparing risotto, which also often involved flavoring the rice with saffron. Normally, risotto is typically prepared with saffron, stock, onions, butter, wine, and parmesan, but the versatile nature of the dish makes it easy for a chef to add any ingredients to the mix that they may see fit– such as scallops, lobster, truffles, pumpkin, veal, mushrooms, snails, asparagus, duck, and sausage.

Due to the popularity of the dish, you are sure to find it almost anywhere in Italy– but if you’re looking for a specific place to start, I might suggest planning a trip to Biella during the Festival Nazionale del Risotto which held its inaugural event in 2012. From cooking classes with famous Italian chefs to cooking shows to risotto dishes galore, this festival is the perfect opportunity to become exposed to delicious potential of risotto as well as the many complementary Italian dishes that go very well with this meal. If you’re wondering why all the food in Italy tends to taste better, it is mostly likely because of the high quality of ingredients.To make sure your food tastes the best that it can and maintains the highest nutritional value, be sure to use your produce at its freshest.

If you’d like to try your own hand at risotto before shipping off to Italy, luckily I have a how-to video for one of my favorite mushroom risotto recipes! For more great recipes like this one, check out the nutrition edition of my three-part book series: Fit for Golf, Set for Life.

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