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The Fit for Golf – Set for Life Blog is back after a short hiatus — and I don’t think there is any better way to start anew than to revisit some of our best posts in each category. The FGSL philosophy is based on the idea that optimal performance in sport is a holistic journey. You can’t be a star athlete without maintaining a balanced diet and crafting a versatile routine in the gym. All parts of health are interconnected. With the being said, it can be difficult to figure out where to start since so many key components are pertinent. Not only would I recommend reading my three-part book series, but I would recommend beginning with a simple starter pack: a healthy recipe, a challenging workout, and a buildable golf skill.


Nutrition: Lentil Soup

Just in time for this weather cool-down, this lentil soup is a great source of protein and vegetables– and it is a personal favorite of mine. The best part is that the recipe is very easily multiplied for meal-prepping purposes. Are you constantly on-the-go from work to the gym to the course? Don’t let a busy schedule negatively impact your well-being and nutrition levels. Use your weekend to let this soup simmer in a big pot to warm you up and fill your kitchen with some delicious aromas.

Picture of lentil soup

Fitness: 5- Minute Golf Warm-Up

This is the starter pack of all starter packs. Golf Physiotherapist, Ramsay McMaster, compiled this highly effective concise warm-up routine that efficiently engages all body parts and utilizes all movements that are ultimately applied in the golf swing. Flexibility, stability, balance, strength, posture, rotation, mobility– all that you could want in a golf game prep and more. Please note that this is a warm-up and not an independent workout; it is particularly designed with the prospect of a golf game in mind. As such, the movements are easily done anywhere regardless of the resources you may have. You surely won’t regret doing this warm-up before a game!

5 minute warm up header

Golf: Greenside Pitch

Not entirely sure about the difference between the chip shot and a pitch shot? You’ve come to the right place. The golf course is full of all kinds of different terrain that require different skills and approaches. The green side may seem more simple than other parts of the course, such as an area of sand that requires a chip shot, but don’t take advantage of it! These parts of the course still require patience, skill, and plenty of practice.

You can also watch this video below to follow a demonstration.

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