The Perfect Putt

The Perfect Putt

Perhaps this is the post you have been waiting for– The final piece of the puzzle to help you shoot lower scores. Aside from long drives, the putt is an essential golf shot that many people know in theory but not so much in practice. You may be familiar with the set-up, but you may not know how to follow through with consistent technique, aim and speed. A perfect putt is not just about swinging your club with a smaller stroke; just like any other golf skill, putting takes refined movements and precise control. Often referred to as “that other game,” putting can account for half of the shots taken in a round of golf. So– let’s get it right!

While many golfers may end up using too much effort on their putts, this doesn’t mean that the skill requires any less focus. The putting stroke is all about geometry, and more specifically, triangles! The most obvious triangle is formed in the way you position your arms and shoulders. The second triangle to watch out for–one that most people often forget– is established by the golf club. In this case, the clubhead is the triangle’s base and the grip end is the point. In order to maintain both triangle forms, allow the weight of gravity to guide the path of your swing so that the clubhead makes even, centered contact with the ball and rolls it smoothly.

Think you’re ready to give it a shot? Let’s take it to the course and break it down.


Take it to the Course

Using an alignment aid during practice can help you visualize your putts more effectively on the course. 

  • Set up with the aid (a thin ruler works great) directly behind the ball and pointing to your target.
  • The putter head forms a right angle with the aid allowing the putter face to be “square” to the target line. 
  • Place six balls around a hole and repeat the above process for each ball.

With putting, you should think of the three p’s: practice, patience, putt! As always, give attention to maintaining a balanced golf stance and don’t let your wrists get carried away with a loose swing. Think you’re ready for more putting drills? Tune in to the Fit for Golf – Set for Life blog for new ways to practice and perfect your putt.

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