Have you grown tired of quick-fix instructional models that promise to improve your swing but never do?
The Fit for Golf-Set for Life Academy offers a three-pillar program for golfers of all abilities that builds foundational skills both on and off the course.Through golf, fitness and nutrition education, the course curriculum seamlessly blends golf instruction, concentrated exercises and delicious recipes, into one highly intuitive learning experience. 

Academy Mission

The Fit for Golf-Set for Life Academy is dedicated to being the region’s best all-around player development program providing superior training for golfers of all ages. We focus on the whole game, inside and out: full swing, the short game, course management, rules and etiquette, fitness, nutrition, enjoyment, and overall wellness. Our three-book series enhances the educational experience. We make it a priority to educate our students on the importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy mind and body. In collaboration with expert fitness consultants we have developed fitness routines specifically designed for golfers. We discuss everything from the muscles used in the golf swing to the ways in which strength, flexibility and balance can affect performance. All FGSL program participants have exclusive access to helpful visuals and fundamental descriptions for each exercise in the FGSL books and videos. Nutrition is a key element of our instructional philosophy, and the most easily translatable from golf to life. We educate all FGSL students on nutrition basics including foods for performance, quality ingredients and simple food preparation techniques.

The FGSL Learning Environment

The Play and Learn Approach is a fundamental learning philosophy developed to educate and inspire the golfer. Golf is an activity of discovery, so the circumstances presented through the game serve as learning experiences. The golf course (a golfer’s playing field) is the classroom or learning environment where The Play and Learn Approach can take place. Using a practical mode of learning, this unique approach invites the student to explore various situations on the golf course and discover how these conditions affect playing abilities and improvement. While the driving range and practice areas are a great place to refine technique, game play skills are best cultivated on the golf course. At FGSL, we believe that incorporating on-course practice and live playing situations into our instructional curriculum will help students aptly develop their game at an accelerated learning pace.

The Play and Learn Approach

Will enable the student to explore a wide range of elements:

Course conditions

Shot to be played (curvature, trajectory)

Course terrain
Distance control
Maintaining swing rhythm and balance
Managing emotions
Short Game creativity
Stamina (Energy and hydration)