Strength Drills

Todd demonstrating lateral walk with resistance band

While precision and balance are important things to master if you want to excel in a game of golf, you’re going to need a lot of strength to make each stroke matter. The best way to ensure that your swings gain large distance is to exercise the muscles you will be utilizing in your golf swing. The muscles that are most closely engaged in your swing are your glutes, core, pectoralis major (chest), and latissimus dorsi (back). Golf is an all-encompassing, full-body sport and you must prepare your body from the inside out in order to be able to perform.

In Fit for Golf-Set for Life, Todd suggests six unique resistance band exercises to keep these muscles engaged. Perform 12 to 15 reps of each exercise, and mix-and-match your workout routine so that your body doesn’t get too comfortable or familiar with the regimen. Here are three of the exercises below.

Lateral Walk with Resistance Band
Todd demonstrating lateral walk with resistance band

Begin with feet together. Take a large step laterally and walk 12 steps down and 12 steps back.

Twist and Hold
Todd demonstrating the twist and hold

Twist core to one side and hold for 25 seconds. Repeat on opposite side.

Forward Press
Todd demonstrating the forward press

Start with a split stance and tension on the band. Your shoulder and forearm form a 90⁰ angle. Extend arm fully. Repeat on opposite side.

Strength training at the gym is important for helping expand muscle tissue, but all muscles are truly made in the kitchen. Tune in for Friday’s post on carbohydrates to find out more about keeping a healthy balance in your diet that will help your work in the gym and on the course stand out more.


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