Strength Drills with Medicine Ball

Todd demonstrating a medicine ball slam

Similar to the kettlebell, the medicine ball is an extremely versatile workout tool that can easily be purchased at any fitness store for use at home. If you are a loyal member of a gym, you are almost certain to have already encountered multiple types of medicine balls– but have you ever incorporated them into your workout routine?


The name ‘medicine ball’ most likely comes from the first possible iteration of this fitness tool, which dates way back to the age of Pericles in Classical Greece. The esteemed Greek physician Hippocrates stuffed animal skins so that patients could toss them for medical healing purposes. While medicine balls are now made of vinyl instead of animal skin, this medicinal use has extended well into the contemporary period, as medicine balls are key tools for rehabilitation and sports medicine; however, this doesn’t mean that medicine balls can not also be used for standard workouts and strength training. In fact, they can be incredibly helpful for this purpose, especially if your body is becoming too accustomed to dumbbells and barbells.


In Fit for Golf-Set for Life, Todd demonstrates several medicine ball exercises which target the core and other areas of the body.


Here is an example of a workout below:


Core Crunch with Medicine Ball

Todd demonstrating the medicine ball crunch

  1. Lie flat on back.
  2. Elevate legs to 45°.
  3. With medicine ball in hands, raise head, neck and chest off ground while bending knees towards chest.

Aim to perform 12 to 15 reps with the appropriate weight. If you can easily do more than 15 reps, try a heavier medicine ball and remember to always challenge yourself.


Inquire further about Fit for Golf-Set for Life to find more ways to use a medicine ball to strengthen the muscles you’ll need for a solid performance in a game of golf. Tune in for next week’s blog post on food and dietary choices specifically geared toward heightened performance in golf, sports, and fitness at large.


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