Start off 2019 Well-Balanced

All professional golfers have great balance– and for good reason! Like your posture and stance, a good sense of balance establishes a solid foundation for a strong, accurate swing. A reliable and repeatable swing can be particularly difficult to achieve when instability and weakness are present in various areas of the body, but practicing balance drills can greatly help control and consistency.

Whether you’re in the gym or at the range, exercises and golf drills are the perfect tools for finding your center of gravity. Instead of settling for an ineffective swing, work your way up to mastering a proper upper body rotation and core stabilization. Soon, your clubhead will be making optimal contact with the golf ball at every swing– or almost, at least!

But first, let’s hit the gym and practice!

The following drill found in Fit for Golf – Set for Life will help isolate and strengthen the muscles needed to maintain your balance during your golf swing. Incorporate it into your workout regimen and adjust it to your personal needs and preferences. Coach Todd recommends performing this exercise without weights until you achieve stability on both legs.


Forward Tilt with Kettlebell


1) Begin with good posture. Grab kettlebell in right hand.

2) Tilt forward from hips keeping a straight line from head to toe. Hold for 3 seconds.

3) Return to starting position.

4) Perform 10 to 12 reps on each side.


See Todd demonstrating this exercise along with a handful of other helpful balance exercises on his YouTube channel:


Start 2019 level-headed and well-balanced, and continue your healthy living fitness goals and resolutions with exercises and recipes found in Fit for Golf – Set for Life. Tune in next week for a lemon chicken and rice recipe, perfect for meal prepping and healthy eating on-the-go!


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