Speed Up Your Swing

Having trouble with distance? Just can’t get your first swing to really count? While strength contributes significantly to the power behind your swing and the distance the ball will travel, all golf skills are intertwined and work in tandem. From balance and form to stability and strength, every targeted exercise you perform will augment another golf skill. Today, we’re focusing on speed. How do we move our bodies quickly and efficiently without letting our form slack?

Why focus on speed exercises? Increasing the speed of your swing seems like a pretty straightforward way to hit the ball further, but it’s not so simple. Swinging at a faster speed often causes many golfers to experience more instability, which will affect the accuracy, trajectory and consistency of their shot. It is important to remember that higher ball speeds come as a result of optimal contact between ball and clubhead, so swinging faster with off center contact doesn’t necessarily mean your ball will travel farther. Think strategically about your timing and remember that balance and posture are still integral to the success of your swing.

Even so, many golfers still train their bodies to move at marginally higher rates through a process called overspeed training. Overspeed training involves moving parts of your body at speeds higher (approximately 8-13% faster) than normal competitive speeds. While there are many different introductory starter packs and training clubs on the market to specifically help with speed, Coach Todd finds the best ways to improve speed involve more accessible, traditional exercise. Using various different kinds of drills, you can target every muscle used in the golf swing while also specifically focusing on speed. The most important things to remember when incorporating these exercises into your routine are to begin by doing each exercise slowly and to concentrate on good form. Gradually increase the speed of each set, but never compromise on your form. If you increase the speed and notice that your muscles have become tight or your core is no longer engaged, revert to a slower speed and attempt to build it up again.


Medicine Ball Speed Toss

This week, we’re using a tool that we have used often already: the medicine ball. Find a clear, free space against a wall in your home or at the gym and let’s get started!

  • Set up in golf posture.
  • Rotate right then left and toss ball against wall. Your hands should simply let go of the ball as you turn towards the wall.
  • 12 to 15 reps. on each side.


Core Rotation Step Drill

Similar in concept and form, this drill involves a medicine ball and two foam blocks that you may typically use if you practice yoga. If not available to you, use two firm and identical prism objects that you can use as benchmark points.

  • Assume good golf posture.
  • As you begin to rotate core over the right leg, step laterally with left leg.
  • Rotate chest toward left leg and “throw” ball against a wall.

Inquire further about the Fit for Golf-Set for Life text to find out more exercises using a medicine ball that you can incorporate into your exercise regiment to satisfy your need for speed. Tune in next week for a new recipe to fuel your golf game and keep your energy up in the new season.

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