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Todd balancing on foam roller

Whether you play golf recreationally, casually, professionally, or competitively, you probably are always looking for different ways–both on and off the course–to sharpen your skills, perform better, and gain strength & confidence. A body capable for optimal physical performance in any sport is cultivated both in the gym and in the kitchen, and a new exercise today could mean a longer distance traveled by your golf ball tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Let’s add another exercise to your routine.

We’re spending a lot of time on balance here on the Fit for Golf – Set for Life blog because it is a foundational skill that operates on multiple levels throughout a round of golf. Your stance, back swing, down swing and follow-through are all influenced by the consistency of your balance and tempo of each swing. Previous exercises predominantly utilized the balance ball, but this week we are introducing a new tool as well as a new set of exercises: the half foam roller.

If you have never used a half foam roller but would like to purchase one for use at home and perhaps need a suggestion, Coach Todd is using a half roller from . Keep in mind that it is best to buy fitness equipment, such as this foam tool, in person so you can gauge how supportive it will be for your own body. Everyone is different and you may prefer a different roller!

Golf Core Rotation with Half Foam Roller

  • Assume good golf posture.
  • Place weighted bar or golf club on chest and hold between thumb and forefinger with palms facing out.
  • Balance weight evenly on both feet.
  • Rotate core to the right, back to center and then to the left while maintaining balance on foam roller.
  • Complete 10 to 12 reps.

Think about the stance of this exercise– is there any other way you could stand or orient your body to do the same movement? Explore variations, play, and most importantly, keep your balance safely! Don’t put your body in any situations where you think it may be at risk of accidental injury. Practice the movement on a flat surface, and try to maintain that same firmness in your trunk when you transition to the foam roller.

Next week we’ll be transitioning into the kitchen for another delicious and nutritious recipe to help fuel our golf game from the inside out. Tune in for a perfect pair to Coach Todd’s famous lentil soup.

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