Todd’s 3-step Quick Set-Up

Golf posture is something that you might rush into or take for granted. It’s one of the first things you solidify before even thinking about taking your shot, and takes a lot of consideration, composure, and care. The key to a great golf posture is balance and compromise–finding a happy medium where your shoulders are not too rounded nor are they too tense.  


A good posture is fairly natural and intuitive, so you’ll notice that many professional golfers (both men and women) will look relatively the same when they set up to their shot. And that’s okay— if it works, it works! 

The way you orient yourself before a shot can also affect its outcome as your posture helps you to rotate easier, maintain balance, and provide a stable connection to the ground. While it may seem as simple as standing, you should know that your stance can determine your performance and the shape of your swing.

Todd’s 3-step Quick Set-Up

Here is Todd’s 3-step Quick Set-Up.

  1. Hold your arms and the club at waist height.
  1. Step back with your lead leg and tilt forward until the clubhead touches the ground. Keep a neutral spine in the lower back. Relax neck and shoulders.
  2. Step forward with your lead leg and relax the knees.

Whether you’re on the range or the course, here are some things you should keep in mind and watch out for:

  • Your balance is on the balls of your feet 
  • Your arms hang straight down from your body  
  • Your spine is neutral and your pelvis slightly tilted 
  • Your lead shoulder will be slightly higher than the other shoulder

Try practicing your posture without any golf club or ball around at all (use a mirror to assist you). You’ll have plenty of opportunity to introduce those later. If you really want a challenge, practice with a partner and see if they can push you over! Let’s see how solid and balanced your stance really is. 


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