Introducing Impact

Posture? Check.

Grip? Check.

Balance? Check.

So you’ve been practicing your full swing form and think you’re ready to move on to the next skill? Here’s where all those strength training drills will start coming in handy– this week, we’re working on impact.

Learning how to make a divot– the piece of turf your golf club cuts out when you complete a stroke– is an essential part of good ball striking. Developing a feel for what your hands are doing at impact is a must. It helps to note the way your body structure changes when you are transitioning from set-up to impact. Look carefully at the photos in this chip shot to see if you can spot the differences between Todd’s set-up and impact positions.Todd demonstrating address versus impact

Things to Note:

  • The right wrist has a little more bend through impact than at set-up
  • The left arm and club shaft form a straight line at impact
  • The upper body has turned left at impact

Before you try out one of Todd’s impact drills, you may be wondering why impact is so important after all. Impact will affect the consistency, distance and control of your strike. A poor impact position with weak contact will create inconsistency in your shot making. Performing impact drills helps you develop a feel for centered, ball-turf contact.

Here’s a classic drill that will help you master proper impact technique.  Todd highly recommends starting with a small (chipping) swing.  If you can’t do it small, you will not be able to do it big (full swing)!


Divot Drill

Todd demonstrating the divot drill

  1. Draw a line in the grass (or use an alignment aid) that is perpendicular to your target line.
  2. Set up with the club on the line.
  3. Make a chipping swing. The goal is to hit the ground at the front edge of the line, then continue down and forward.
  4. Make several swings without using a ball, focusing on where the club hits the ground.
  5. Once all the divots are in the same spot, (as shown below) you can begin to hit balls. The focus is the same– making consistent divots.

Consistent divots in turf

You can learn more tips and drills from Todd in Fit for Golf-Set for Life, Todd’s instagram @fitforgolfsetforlife, or various news outlets and podcasts! On Saturday, November 10th, Todd appeared on Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy in California. Keep up with all of Todd’s latest appearances and Instagram posts, and tune in next week for abdominal exercises perfect for strengthening your core and establishing a strong foundation for your swing.






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