Introducing Fit for Golf Set for Life by Todd Bordonaro

Todd lining up a shot on the green

Todd Bordonaro has been a committed golf instructor to thousands of children and adults across New York for almost twenty years, and now he is taking his knowledge to the world of literature. What sets apart Todd’s teaching style is his holistic and well-rounded approach to his golf practice, which is heavily intertwined with more widely applicable fitness and nutrition education.

Having appeared on ESPN’s Golf Talk Radio, Fox 5 New York, The NBC Sunday Morning Show and in MET Golfer, Forbes and The Daily News, Todd is constantly learning and sharing the latest golf and coaching strategies with large audiences beyond those who train with him at Dunwoodie Golf Course and The Bridge Golf Learning Center. Now you can read all his latest tips, techniques, and recipes in his original book, Fit for Golf-Set for Life. 

Cover of Fit for Golf-Set for Life

Fit for Golf-Set for Life is an expert guide designed for golfers of all ages and abilities, even those looking for a new means of fitness. The guide is divided into three essential components: Golf, Fitness, & Nutrition. Not just another golf swing or exercise book, Fit for Golf-Set for Life can help all golfers maximize their performance on the course, in the gym and in the kitchen. The book is filled with detailed photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, nutritional guidelines and recipes for golfers and athletes of all experience levels.

Todd performing a back swing in a sand trap

The Fit for Golf-Set for Life philosophy is based on the simple idea that keeping in shape and eating healthy can lead to a better golf game and a more enjoyable lifestyle.  If you’re looking for an uncomplicated and fun way to improve your golf game, look and feel fitter on the course, and have the energy to play golf at any age, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

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Fit for Golf-Set for Life


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