Impact: Golf Skills & a New Year Attitude

Introducing Impact Mag Article

We’ve covered divot drills, sand drills, hill drills, and more–but we’ve finally reached the last impact post of 2018. It’s important to remember all the skills and drills that Todd has taught us since the start of this blog, so that we can put our best golf game forward in the coming year. Since September, the Fit for Golf – Set for Life blog has been providing readers with plenty of fitness routines, recipes, and golf drills to up their golf game and lead more active, fulfilling lifestyles.

We hope that you have some extra time this holiday season to review some of the great lessons Todd has shared from his book, to set personal goals for the golf course & beyond, and to enjoy some well deserved relaxation time with family and friends. If you find yourself training in your extra time, try out this new drill to strengthen your point of impact.

The “Hockey” Drill

Starting Impact Stance
  • Set up in a dynamic impact position.
  • Step forward laterally and drag the ball, keeping it in the center of the club face.
  • Walk ten steps down and back from starting position. Hands must be kept ahead of club head.

Watch Todd demonstrating his form and impact position while performing the following drills:

Things to keep in mind:

  • The divot should be in front of the ball or line
  • Turn your hips and chest through impact

Have a happy and healthy holiday! Tune in next week for Todd’s final post of the year.


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