How Coach Todd Became Chef Todd

Becoming Chef Todd

You may know me as Coach Todd from Dunwoodie Golf Course, the Fit for Golf – Set for Life blog, or my latest books. You’ve mostly seen me in the gym or on the course, but you’ve also seen me in the kitchen! Beyond my certifications as a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and PGA Class A Certified Professional, I also wear quite the chef’s hat. If you’ve ever wondered where I get all my recipes and nutritional knowledge, here’s my food journey.

Food Runs in the Family

As a child, I often watched my mother and grandmother while they cooked. Food is a foundational aspect of the Italian home, and meal preparation has always been a quintessential skill. My love for fresh ingredients grew alongside the fruits and vegetables in my grandfather’s garden. Everything that my grandfather grew ended up in the kitchen, from figs and plums to zucchini and basil. Many people often ask me why Italian food tastes so delicious, and this is the answer! Nothing beats fresh ingredients and home-grown meals made from scratch.

My First Restaurant Rodeo

After college, I got my first job at a restaurant. My cousin was the head chef at a well-known Italian restaurant in Hartford, CT where I became a waiter, captain, and eventually a bartender. This first experience provided a lot more groundwork for my appreciation and love of fresh, delicious food. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I ended up in the kitchen full time.

Fourteen Years In the Kitchen

I have waited tables, cooked meals, and managed restaurants in hot spots across Connecticut, Miami, and New York City. Throughout all my jobs, I’ve been involved in each step of the process. From waiting tables and sautéing meals to prepping refrigerated food and manning the grill, I’ve worked diligently to understand all aspects of food preparation. When I became the General Manager of a French company that manufactured uniforms for restaurants and hotels, I travelled the world and met some of the top chefs at the time. After meeting talented chefs like Emeril, Todd English, and Mario Batali, I knew that I wanted to develop a culinary craft of my own.

Becoming Chef Todd

Once I began researching top chefs across the world, I learned a lot of different techniques. I wasn’t interested in copying anyone’s cooking style; I wanted my own! After a lot of researching and experimenting at home, I finally became my own chef. Even today, I continue to learn new recipes and techniques so that my skills are just as fresh as my ingredients.

Sports Nutrition Certified

To top it all off, I spent a year completing a course on sports nutrition. As a result, I am officially certified by the American Fitness Professionals Association. Because of my own education and work experience, I incorporate as much nutrition education into my golf instruction as possible. If you’re not fueling your body properly, you will not perform properly. If you read the Fitness Volume of Fit for Golf – Set for Life, you’ll find over fifteen years of restaurant experience on each page.


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