Getting to the Core: Abdominal Workouts

Todd demonstrating a plank

Especially when it comes to balance, posture, and stance, your core is the prime center of your form, stability, and power. A strong core makes for a strong swing, and the best way to build a firm foundation is through abdominal workouts. Luckily for you, Todd shares numerous abdominal workouts in Fit for Golf-Set for Life that will help keep your workout routine interesting and benefit your golf practice.


These workouts utilize basic gym equipment, such as a medicine ball or a balance ball, as Todd has already used in previous exercise drills. As always, you can perform these exercises at home or at the gym depending on your own comfort and available resources. Incorporating some of these drills into your regimen will surely help with developing more controlled, consistent swings and targeted, firm impact.


Core Crunch with Medicine Ball

Todd demonstrating the medicine ball crunch

  1. Lie flat on back.
  2. Elevate legs to 45°.
  3. With medicine ball in hands, raise head, neck and chest off ground while bending knees towards chest.

Planks are great additions for any workout as they are simple, but also challenging and versatile. Start with a basic plank (picture 1) and progress into the more challenging forms that Todd demonstrates in pictures 2 and 3. Time yourself and see how long you can hold a firm structure. You can start by holding the plank for 30 to 45 seconds, but the first major benchmark you should aim for is one minute. If you use the forms in pictures 2 and 3, try holding the plank or performing alternating reps on each side.


Play with your workout routine and see what exercises, movements, and drills challenge you the most and keep your body the most engaged. Tune in next week for a Good Morning Omelet Recipe to start off your day right!


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