Full Swing with Body Balance

Before we move on to making a divot and developing a feel for impact, we have one more week of full swing technique with body balance.  Balance is often an overlooked component of the golf swing. Not only can the force of the golf swing throw us off balance, very few golf shots are hit from perfectly flat lies.  Along with balance drills done in the gym, a fun and challenging drill involves using a half foam roller for the ultimate test of balance.  Start with the flat side down and graduate to the flat side up as seen in the pictures below.

Be sure to review the Full Swing Rotation Drill before moving on to the foam roll balance drill.

Foam Roll Balance Drill

Todd demonstrating the foam roll swing drill

This is a fun way to improve your full swing balance. At first, you’ll find it a challenge just to maintain your posture (pic. 1). Make some easy half swings (it doesn’t matter how far the ball goes). The goal is to stay balanced on the roller and make centered contact on the club face.

You can find a video of Todd demonstrating this drill here. Todd also demonstrates helpful balance exercises using a kettle bell and an exercise ball, which you can find more of in this fitness blog post.


Why is balance so important anyway? Balance is the key to consistency and accuracy in a skilled golfer’s shot-making. When your body assumes a solid stance and your club is oriented at the target, you should be able to tell where the ball will end up before you even take your shot. If you are generally surprised to find where your ball lands, sharpening your balance might be a partial solution to the problem.


Tune in next week for a work-out highlight that you can incorporate into any fitness routine, exclusively found in Fit for Golf-Set for Life.


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