Full Swing Body Rotation…with a Golf Club!

Now that you have the basic body mechanism for a full swing rotation down, it’s time to further prepare yourself for a game setting. Mastering a proper rotation won’t be helpful to you unless you know how to do it with a golf club in your hand! So grab a golf club, and get ready to prep your muscles for some more rotation drills!

Before we jump right into a full golf swing in proper golf form, let’s use the golf club in a slightly different way…


Club and Shoulders Rotation Drill

Todd demonstrating the club and shoulders rotation drill

  1. Set up as shown with grip end of club on left side (for right handed golfers).
  2. Rotate your upper body until the grip end is in line with or slightly behind the golf ball.
  3. Rotate through to a balanced finish.

Now let’s get a proper grip (ten finger, overlapping, interlocking) on the golf club and get even closer to a full, proper swing.


Full Swing Rotation Drill with Golf Club

Todd demonstrating full swing rotation drill with club

  1. Set up with good posture and club at waist height (note shoulders, arms, and club form a “Y”)
  2. Rotate upper body over right leg (maintain “Y”)
  3. Rotate lower body then upper body over left leg (maintain “Y”)

The next step would be to perform a full swing rotation drill with golf club in golf posture, and you can find more about this in Fit for Golf-Set for Life. Tune in next Monday for some examples of strength drills with a medicine ball that you can easily incorporate into any workout routine.



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