Full Swing and Body Rotation

Todd demonstrating his swing on the green

Now that you’ve established your grip of choice and grounded yourself in a solid stance, it is time to add some movement. The golf swing is the main event of your shot, and it is often a distinguishing feature between amateur players and PGA professionals. While Todd provides many drills to help you practice on your own in Fit for Golf-Set for Life, he strongly suggests finding a local PGA professional who will teach you solid fundamentals and techniques. You can find Todd, for example, at these two locations if you are based in New York:

Dunwoodie Golf Course
1 Wasylenko Ln
Yonkers, NY 10701

The Bridge Golf Learning Ctr.
40 W 117th St
NY, NY 10026

If you notice that your skill level has been plateauing, it may be time to take a break from playing full length games and instead try isolated exercises designed and catered to the golf swing specifically. If golfing is a social experience for you, you may have grown too comfy to notice issues with your form and follow-through. Here are a few exclusive exercises to refocus and strengthen your swing, found in Fit for Golf-Set for Life.

Full Swing Rotation Drill
Todd demonstrating a full swing rotation drill
  1. Set up with good golf posture (note shoulders and arms form a “V”)
  2. Rotate upper body over right leg (maintain “V”)
  3. Rotate lower body then upper body over left leg (maintain “V”)
Ball Toss Drill
Todd demonstrating ball toss drill
  1. Set up with good golf posture.
  2. Rotate into the backswing then shift to the left side (like a baseball player throwing to first base).
  3. Note that my right index finger is pointing to the target as I release the ball.
Toe Up Drill
Todd demonstrating the toe up drill
  1. Line up a golf club, ruler or alignment stick as shown (pic. 1).  
  2. Start your backswing.
  3. Stop when the golf club is parallel to the one on the ground. 
  4. Notice how the toe of the club points up (pic.2).

Find more helpful golf swing drills in Fit for Golf-Set for Life! Worried that you still don’t have enough power behind your swing even though you feel confident with your form? Tune in on Wednesday to learn some strength drills you can do at home or at the gym with a kettle bell.


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Dunwoodie Golf Course
1 Wasylenko Ln
Yonkers, NY 10701