FGSL On-the-Go: Best Golf Courses Week 7

For the sake of returning to normalcy and routine after a long time in quarantine, I wanted to continue exploring some of my favorite courses. The confinement period in NYC is soon lifting, and summer is well on its way. Many golf courses have actually stayed open throughout the quarantine, but I haven’t been to a course in quite some time. Instead, I have been staying active by hiking and taking walks in Inwood Park, along with some outdoor activities. I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy, and keeping up with your golf practice in whatever ways you can.

Even if you are not ready to return to country clubs, training facilities, or golf courses, I find that it’s important to support them in other ways. Like any business or person who is not currently working or struggling from the pandemic, every little bit helps. In the meantime, some businesses have opened fundraisers on platforms like GoFundMe in order to help them through the hump. If you have the means to contribute to your favorite golf clubs, please consider doing so! In the meantime, here are another two of my favorite go-to golf courses. As always, I’m thankful that the PGA enables me to golf with professionals around the globe in world-class facilities. This week’s locations are both in Westchester, which is not too far from home for me.

Photo courtesy of www.wfgc.org
Photo courtesy of www.wfgc.org

Winged Foot

Winged Foot is a private country club with two 18-hole golf courses. More famously, it is the home of five US Open Championships! In fact, the club is gearing up to host the 2020 US Open from September 17th to 20th. If you’re interested in attending, you can get started by checking out their ticket options! Whether you’re a golfer or a golf spectator, attending the US Open at least once is a must.

Both the East and the West courses provide beautiful and challenging golf experiences, thanks to the renowned golf architect of the twentieth century, A.W. Tillinghast. Each hole on both courses has a unique story, like hole 17 on the East Course. Suzie Maxwell Berning earned the U.S. Women’s Open title in 1972. Just as she hit her persimmon driver and sank the putt for birdie, lightweight struck at hole 17. Today, the hole is fondly remembered at Lightnin’. Put on the same greens where Arnold Palmer once famously stood, and enjoy a great game with a wonderful community of professional New York golfers.


Photo courtesy of www.saintandrewsgolfclub.com
Photo courtesy of www.saintandrewsgolfclub.com

St. Andrew’s

Who knew that America’s oldest golf course was just 20 minutes from NYC? St. Andrew’s Golf Club is one of my favorite course because of its diversity in programming. Not only do they offer lessons for people of all levels, but they also provide programming for young children. As such, St. Andrew’s is well worth the trip for families who want everyone to get involved. In other words, you don’t have to stick the kids in hotel accommodation and hope that they’ll find something to do! There is an opportunity for everyone in the family. In addition to founding a Ladies Golf Association, the course also hosts events every Sunday known as Twilight Golf. Once quarantine is officially over, I’m sure there will be plenty of themed events on their calendar each week. Stay tuned!

Even if the family does end up spending a lot of time in the country club, it’s probably because the Carnegie Club accommodations are too nice to leave! This summer cottage stay includes a full-size pool, lounge chairs, umbrellas, lifeguard, tennis court, changing rooms, restrooms and showers, sauna and clubhouse. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I can’t wait for summertime this year, especially because of the pandemic that has made summertime feel so far away.



Header photo courtesy of of www.saintandrewsgolfclub.com


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