FGSL On-the-Go: Best Golf Courses Week 6

Sebonack Golf Course

Springtime is nearing closer still, but recent outbreaks have cancelled lots of trips, vacation plans, and flights. If you’re still looking for a way to spend some vacation days, a weekend stay at a country club in your area could be a great way to have a mini vacation without the air travel. I am NYC-based and I’ve talked about some of my favorite places here in previous posts, but I thought I would add a couple more options to the mix so you can have your pick. New York State is always a lot bigger than we realize!


Quaker Ridge
Photo from Evan Schiller/Courtesy of Quaker Ridge GC via golfdigest.com


Quaker Ridge Golf Club

Location: Scarsdale, NY

Quaker Ridge is the site of a legendary international encounter in the early stages of Revolutionary War — and since then, it has a been a key spot for plenty of epic golf battles. Since the Metropolitan Open in 1936, Quaker Ridge has hosted the 1997 Walker Cup as well as the 2018 Curtis Cup. This means that thousands upon thousands of golfers, professional and amateur, have set foot and golf club on this historically Quaker land. As such, their par-70 is affectionately known as “Tillie’s Treasure” and is a prize spot for many golfers like myself who stick to the Metropolitan area when they are not doing any major traveling.

The course is close to the original design but has experienced some amazing modifications over the years that has earned it high spots on Golf Digest‘s list of top courses throughout the country over the years. Plan a trip here on June 22nd for the 83rd Annual Hochster Tournament! It’s a beautiful spot in a great location with a rich history and even better facilities.


Sebonack Golf Course
Photo courtesy of Stephen Szurlej via golfdigest.com


Sebonack Golf Club

Location: Southhampton, NY

This golf club is ranked No. 39 on Golf Digest’s America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses of 2019-20, which definitely makes it a spot worth visiting and trying out. The course spans over 300 acres and provides you with a lovely view of Long Island’s Great Peconic Bay and Cold Spring Pond. Your trips to the golf course are for normally for practice, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be scenic and relaxing at the same time! You’ll encounter some interesting terrain, from rolling fairways to wide bunkers and waste dunes to elevated greens, which will surely keep you on your toes and hopefully on your A-game.

Having hosted the Women’s Open in 2013, Sebonack has a professional and tournament-grade course that isn’t too far from National Golf Links. And even better, you can plan a full stay in one of their cozy 4-bedroom cottages which has a private bath, an individual outdoor terrace, and a porch so that you can stand outside and look at it all. And luckily you’re in Long Island, so there are plenty of beautiful beach spots not too far away if your family grows tired of watching you putt on the green.


Header photo courtesy of Stephen Szurlej via golf digest.com


Fit for Golf-Set for Life



Dunwoodie Golf Course
1 Wasylenko Ln
Yonkers, NY 10701