Exercises with a Weighted Bar

In the last fitness post, we received a glimpse into some of Todd’s abdominal workouts. Like many other sports, a firm core allows you to channel most of your power into the center of your body’s gravity– in addition to helping you keep balance, posture, and stance.

While we introduce new workouts every couple of weeks, you should remember that all parts of your body need to be engaged regularly with both consistent and specific workouts. While it is beneficial to introduce new drills to your workout routine regularly, it is also important to build a strong foundation with precise movements to ensure that you master the form and prevent injuries.

With that being said, Todd knows a LOT of workouts– having a large variety of exercises gives you the freedom to customize your own routines for your individual needs and skill levels. This week, Todd is showing off some more exercises from Fit for Golf – Set for Life which are all about strength training using a weighted bar. Like many of Todd’s workouts, this can be done at the gym or at home if you have some basic equipment.

While you can find more work-outs in the book, here is an example of a weighted bar core rotation with a medicine ball.

  1. Assume good golf posture.
  2. Place a medicine ball between your knees.
  3. Place weighted bar or golf club on chest and hold between thumb and forefinger with palms facing out.
  4. Rotate core over right leg, back to center, then left, holding ball between legs.

You may take a break from the gym when the holidays arrive, so keep up with your regimen as much as possible in the mean time! Tune in next week for a fruit and protein smoothie recipe.


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