Chip Shots, Not Cheap Shots

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Imagine this.

You’re about to sink the golf ball into the last hole of the game. With just one stroke, you’ll have won the match and moved on to the next bracket of the tournament. You feel the anticipation of victory in your fingertips and your core tingles with a bubbling energy of adrenaline. The win is so close, you can taste it.

There’s just one problem.

Your last shot brought the ball just outside the fairway, and the grass along your projected path to the hole is too high and thick to ensure a smooth putt. You don’t want the ball to stop short or veer off track, but you only have one chance to get it right. What do you do?

Opt for the chip shot!

When Coach Todd is near the green, the first thing he thinks about is the possibility of putting the ball. Since it is not an option in this scenario, he then considers whether he should execute a low or high chip shot. Most golfers automatically grab a sand or lob wedge without thinking about the type of shot that will produce the best result. Learning the low chip is easy, and with some practice you’ll be hitting it close every time.

As always, it is important to build a firm foundation for your shot before involving any movement. In order to set up for an optimal chip shot (for right-handed golfers), line up the ball to the inside of your right foot. The club shaft should be angled toward the inside of the left thigh. Your body weight should be 80 to 90% on the left foot and stay there throughout the swing. Relax your hands and arms so that they are not too tense.

While you stick with mastering this basic structure, watch Coach Todd demonstrate the entire approach! The next time you tune in for a blog post, we’ll go through the real thing and discuss strategy and drills.

Start incorporating the chip shot into your repertoire, and come back next week for some more balance drills to add to your fitness regimen.

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