Building Speed and Stability

In order to make a successful golf shot, you need to make crisp contact with the ball while actively engaging your entire body. The key to making an effective swing is to maintain a sense of smoothness regardless of the distance the ball needs to travel. In the last fitness post, we helped train our bodies to achieve a high sense of mobility and flexibility while stabilizing our form through exercises involving a medicine ball. This week, we’re incorporating the cable machine.

With the medicine ball exercises, we predominantly focused on core mobility as the torso is the center of your swing and power. Your lower body, however, is just as integral in facilitating a quick, accurate pivot for a balanced swing. The movement in your legs and pelvis is more subtle than the movement involved in your upper body, but it’s just as important to strengthen and stabilize the muscles in your legs. This cable machine exercise combines both arm and leg movement to engage the quadriceps and glutes while also using the momentum of the squat to pull the cable machine tightly to the chest. As always, start with slow and precise movements until your form is perfect. The challenge of making this motion quicker is keeping the simultaneous actions of different parts of your body in sync. See how to perform the exercise below:


Cable Machine Speed Squat

  • Grasp handle of cable machine with right hand.
  • Step back from machine and extend arm as shown.
  • Perform a full squat and pull right arm towards you at a 90⁰ angle.
  • Push the hips forward and return to starting position.
  • Perform 10 to 12 reps on each side.


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