5 Reasons Why I Am Publishing A Book

When I first began working on my book seven years ago, I noticed that golf instruction was simultaneously homogeneous and variable. Everyone claims to have “secret tips and tricks” to fix your swing, but everyone also swears by different techniques. On top of that, many people upheld and continue to uphold perceptions of golf that simply aren’t true. There are many holes in the world of golf instruction, as well as in wider spheres of health and fitness. In order to fill these holes, I began to write a series of three books that will be released later this August: Fit for Golf – Set for Life. You will be able to purchase one volume or all three, depending upon your personal focus: golf, fitness, or nutrition.

There are many things you can learn from these books, from breakfast recipes to flexibility training to basic foundational golf skills. Everything in each volume is written with overarching goals in mind – goals to redefine how golfers and non-golfers perceive and practice the sport. If you are tired of reading the same things and watching the same videos, be sure to pick up copies of my book! Once you’re fit for golf, you’re set for life. Here’s five reasons why I decided to publish this book and offer these resources to others:

Debunk golfer myths

Leave all your preconceived notions about golf at the door. While you might think golf is a sport for retired people, this is the biggest misconception of all. If you think successful golfers get away with eating unhealthy foods or letting go of their shape, you couldn’t be more wrong. Plenty of students walk through my doors without realizing the ways golf actually engages the body, and that is how most injuries happen. Golf isn’t a slow, low-energy sport by any means– and my books are here to show all that it really takes!

Bring golf back to the basics

Almost every golf resource, blog, or online forum claims to have the quickest trick to fix your swing. We live in a world built upon instant gratification, which means that we often look for fast and easy solutions to solve our problems or build success. I take a no nonsense approach that focuses primarily on the basic mechanics of the swing movement, the importance of impact and how to pitch, chip and putt your way to lower scores. I won’t give you the secret recipe to fix your swing (there isn’t one), but I’ll show you how to build a golf game with solid fundamentals.

Create an accessible platform for golfers of all levels

In the golf volume of my book, I construct a fun, visual, and feel-based learning environment. If you have seen any of my YouTube videos, my instructional style involves limited talking, visual demonstration, and feedback-based drills. Depending on the type of skill you are looking to build, you will have a variety of drills to choose from to perform both on and off the golf course.

Foster a greater sense of overall fitness

If you are not a golfer, there is still plenty in this volume for you. Golf involves many foundational skills that are invaluable to any healthy body, including strength, balance, speed, and flexibility.  This volume provides an arsenal of warm-ups and work-outs for sharpening golf skills and promoting overall fitness. My approach to golf is holistic, which means your overall strength and wellness is critical to your performance on the course– no matter how many tips and tricks you learn on the internet.

Emphasize the importance of wellbeing from the inside out

If you’re not providing your body with the right sources of fuel and nutrients, you will not see physical results nor will you have the energy to engage in physical activity. Maintaining a healthy diet also does not mean you need to sacrifice taste! Instead of ordering take-out, make the time to learn quick and tasty recipes that are made with real ingredients. Nothing is more empowering that making your own meal and knowing exactly what is inside your food. Find all the recipes you could ever want or need for every meal of the day in this volume!

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