5-Minute Golf Warm-Up

It’s game day. You may not have time to complete a full workout before a round or tournament, nor should you be exerting all of your energy on exercise. Should you just go straight into the match without prepping your body at all? That sure sounds like a recipe for disaster, too. It is also important you don’t strain your back or warm up with loose, misguided movements that will skew your approach when you begin to play. Instead, take a lesson from your carefully cultivated repertoire of foundational golf skills: find the balance.

Today’s exercise comes from Golf Physiotherapist, Ramsay McMaster, a major icon in the golf world who tragically died about seven years ago. This warm-up only takes five minutes to complete, and it incorporates five key movements and skills that are central to your golf performance. You can perform this on a game day, before a full work-out, or perhaps in the morning before you start a regular day. Training your body and completing these movements regularly will help your muscles to develop memory that will ameliorate your performance in game settings. The best part is that you can complete this warm-up anywhere without any equipment! Let’s get stretching!


Flexibility & Mobility

Combined Hip & Trunk Shoulder Stretch

  • Get into a lunge position to feel a stretch at your right hip.
  • Maintain an upright posture and suck in your lower abdomen.
  • Hold golf clubs above your head with pistol grip.
  • Bend trunk to left side, keep a steady head. Repeat on opposite side.

Balance & Static Posture

  • Standing upright in the `angel wings position’ against the wall, place a golf ball between the balls of your feet.
  • Keep your nose and belly button in line with the ball.
  • Tuck in your chin and look at the bottom of your lower eyelids.
  • Keeping your arms by your side and forming a pistol grip in both hands, slowly lift the ball up with your feet.
  • Feel yourself getting taller as you pump up.

Core Stability


  • Slowly extend your arms.
  • Thrust the body in a slow pushing movement against an imaginary truck.
  • Feel your shoulders, neck, abdominals, gluteals and legs all work together as if you are simulating an hydraulic pump.

Core Stability & Rotation

X-Factor Check

  • Keep yourself in an upright and stable posture.
  • Place your elbows in by the side of your ribcage.
  • Slowly rotate your trunk to the right maintaining your hips in a stable position to the front.
  • Keep your elbows into your ribcage, feel the tension between your inside thigh and lower abdominals.

Using Core Stability, Rotation, & Dynamic Posture

The Cross Over Golf Exercise Drill

  • Stand in an upright position and maintain good spinal posture at all times.
  • Cross your right elbow to the top of your left knee.
  • Then cross your left elbow on to your right knee.
  • Ensure that your movements remain smooth while gradually increasing the speed of the exercise.

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